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Zandelli is a new kind of publishing house. We believe in looking towards the future by specialising in publishing and promoting its authors and artists online without restricting ourselves to traditional publishing methods.

That is not to say we do not believe in publishing within the offline world too - if we take on a client whose work is selling well then we will look at promoting them in more 'traditional' ways. This would include publication and sales as well as acting as agents to negotiate deals with major publishing or record companies.

If you are an Author, Designer or Musician who would like to embrace the digital world and make money from your hard work, without the hassle of all the constant marketing needed to achieve your goals (which in turn stops you from further developing as an artist) then please feel free to submit your work to Zandelli Publishing

Digital Publishing: The best results come from partnerships

Zandelli Publishing is partnered with a successful digital marketing company called The Online Marketing Store Ltd.

The OMS are experts in digital marketing and has a proven track record in achieving results which bring in more business for their customers. A big part of their work involves producing and designing content for websites, so they know how much talent is out there waiting to be formally discovered.

The decision was made in 2012 to form a breakaway subsidiary which would be fully self sufficient and involve some of the most talented digital marketing specialist in the business to focus 100% on discovering, promoting and marketing Zandelli's new clients.

Submit your work today and join us for what will be an amazing journey!

Partners and Authors: A Few of our friends
  • The Online Marketing Store
  • Scribblebib Fashion Design
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